A dishonest start

Saturday 17th January 2015:

I am going to have to start this blog with a bit of an admission… I’ve just typed the 17th of January but alas, I am a sneaky devil indeed – it’s the 18th! I know this does not start off our blogging relationship in a particularly honest manner, from now on you’ll never really know what’s going on when but to be honest I suspect that doesn’t really matter all that much as I’m not always totally sure myself!

I have been meaning to sit down and get writing, posting etc for ages. I had wanted to start the blog before I left the UK to get some kind of a feel for the planning stages and my roller-coaster emotions in the lead up to leaving. But it was not to be, it turns out I spent far too many hours of my life stressing about which tent to buy, which sleeping mat to buy, which stove to buy, which spanner to buy (Halfords sell a lot of spanners) and lot of other things which I now suspect will become less and less important. As well as getting kitted out, the other thing that occupied a lot of my time was trying to think of a name for this blog. Ami and I had a few cheesy puns which although I liked, I felt might soon start to sound more and more cheesy and less and less jolly so we settled instead on the little blue bike. Now believe it or not I do in fact have a little blue bike, crazy that! It is little because my legs are quite little and I didn’t want to ride a penny farthing around the world and it is blue to match my Mum’s lounge. Yes yes yes, my Mum’s lounge may seem like a strange factor to consider when choosing the specifications of my new bike but I was privy to two very important pieces of information that would have been foolish indeed to have ignored. One; my poor Mum is very nervous about the prospect of her daughter cycling off into the sunset by herself and two, my Mum really loves duck egg blue. So I ask you this, what better way to convince my poor nervous Mum that a solo round the world bike tour really is a good idea than to make sure the bike on said tour is her favourite of all colours! If the bike is pretty the tour is a great idea right! I know, I’m a genius!

So with the blog name chosen, the bike kitted out and a still nervous Mum I was ready to go! The only things I was missing; any kind of biking experience and even a basic level of fitness. Trivial things really…

15 thoughts on “A dishonest start

  1. I have a horrible suspicion that this might be your one and only blog post! More please! At least post your route, last I heard it was a tout across the himayalas so things must have changed! Also, go T Bizzle! Excited to hear all your sure to be wonderful updates. Love Suze xxxxxxx ❤


    1. Hello Tori.
      Saw your Mum at David Lloyd yesterday and she told me you’d started your trip. How wonderful !
      I shall follow you on your blog. Good luck, have fun and lots of love too.
      Tony Doolan.


  2. Really looking forward to following your progress , seems like only yesterday we were talking about bits of bikes in the works kitchen ,take care and have fun xx


  3. I love this blog post. This is going to be my new favourite morning read. That is if you can keep the blog going at a reasonable rate. I agree we need a route plan or at least where you have been. My class are so excited about this, actually I am and I think they are, but it would be really nice for us to plot where you have been onto a map of the world 😀. See I’m using you for my geography lessons. Stay safe, stay beautiful and keep peddling. Love you. X x x x


    1. Thanks Sal! I’ll do my best to keep it going as much as I can! I have a few more posts to load today and I’ll try and figure out how to do the map thing! Love you loads! xxx


  4. Good grief, I think I’m about to do a blog!
    An utterly virginblogger!
    Left tori at her hotel this morning at 05:00. She’s looking great and confident. Fed her up with beer and food last night with Alan BH, ready for next leg. She’s having day of today because of approaching storm!
    Anyway I think I did it!!!


      1. Hi Tori saw mum , dad and Ami yesterday dad had cooked breakfast, we had a good chat , hope your going well im graham that was married to Jane so dad was my brot big hug and kisses gray.her in law, but I knew him when he was tiny, used to deliver green groceries to his mum joy back in the fifties.


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