And I’m off!

Sunday 18th January 2015:

So that’s it – first day is over! Despite planning to take today slowly and not push myself too far I accidentally ended up cycling 70km! I fear my poor knees and more importantly my bum are not going to be fairing well tomorrow! The first 50km were great and my non cyclist legs felt surprisingly strong. At 50 – 60km I started to get tired and finally from 60- 70km I remembered exactly why I had told myself to take the first day easy! But oh well, in what I suspect will turn out to  be a common occurrence I didn’t do what I thought I was going to but all has worked out ok in the end. The campsite I was going to stay at was ownerless and so I opted to stay instead in a motel a kilometre or so down the road.. luckily it’s nearer the bar than the campsite too so I’m quids in!! I’m actually pretty excited about going to the bar as it’s not really a bar… it’s a saloon! Oh yes, a saloon! What’s more, it’s a saloon with a very big “bikers welcome” sign on the front door! I’m not sure if the proprietor’s idea of a “biker” is a little English girl with lycra shorts and a blue bike with a bell, after all I don’t even have a pony tail but hey ho! If they are even half as friendly as everyone else I’ve spoken to today I’m sure I’ll be just fine and with the number of people across Florida who are praying for me I think my odds are looking good!

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