Just the 5 litres of wine then…

Heading out of town our percussion farewell fading away we climbed up to the continental divide where we met some jolly cyclists on their way to Florida.

Mac Observatory to Safford-67

Mac Observatory to Safford-68

A friendly trio en-route to St. Augustine. I’m afraid I didn’t write down their names which were thus forgotten within 3 seconds of our introductions although I do remember that the chap in the middle was from South London and the guy on the right was 75 year old… and cycling across America… DUDE!!! I don’t remember anything about the guy on the left… sorry mate!

We had good weather most of the morning and an awesome cruise downhill. No flats, no pooey dog, no broken spokes.. it was beautiful! We flew along, Bryce’s speakers blasting out music and I couldn’t keep the grin off my face! Great company, stunning scenery, progress (at last!) and my lovely little blue bike… I love my bike!! it couldn’t have been better!

Mac Observatory to Safford-69As the afternoon neared we pulled off the road into an RV park to use the bathrooms and, quite literally, within 4 minutes it was hailing! I can’t for the life of me tell you which cloud the inclement weather came from or how on earth we didn’t see it coming but come it did… with enthusiasm! Taking shelter under the RV park owner’s garage and having covered enough miles we decided to quit whilst we were ahead and set up camp. The bad weather was over as quickly as it started and we saw in a lovely evening, finally well on our way to Phoenix!

Mac Observatory to Safford-70

Believe it or not 10 minutes before this photo was taken it was hailing!

The following morning we made our way through town (I say town but please read hamlet) to the “Last Chance’ store. Last chance was no lie, we would not reach any other store for nearly 80 miles. We stopped for breakfast and bought a few essentials for dinner as well as topping up on water.

Mac Observatory to Safford-71

Bryce’s Last Chance to get moving before 10am!

Mac Observatory to Safford-73

Zach straps down our dinner “essentials”…

Now paying for the previous days downhill cruise we had a bit of a climb on our hands. As per usual I was left behind within the first 20 minutes or so catching the boys up when they stopped for a break or to check directions.

Mac Observatory to Safford-74

This is the usual scene to which I would arrive when catching up with the boys… however…

Mac Observatory to Safford-76

…this was todays scene… the 5 litre box of wine was open…

Some days you can get motivated and some days you just can’t! We probably hadn’t done quite as much riding as we should have done but it didn’t really seem to matter all that much!

Mac Observatory to Safford-77

See… just look at Bryces face… does he care that we were 10 miles short! Oh no my friends, he does not!

Mac Observatory to Safford-78

And Cisco certainly didn’t care. In fact to be honest, Cisco’s the most chilled out dog on the planet (probably as a result of growing up subjected to the whims of Bryce!) and doesn’t care about most things! He’s the DOG OF THE WORLD!

Eventually, with nowhere to camp near our self proclaimed drinking hole we wobbled a further few miles west and found a spot tucked away off the road. Out of fuel for our stoves we cooked dinner over a fire (which needless to say I wasn’t involved in lighting) and settled down for the night. Now I must comment here upon Zach’s choice of camp. In his hammock, floating in the air, the comfort of the ground is not one of his main concerns. For me however, in my tent ON THE GROUND, it’s comfort is of considerable concern. This site, hidden though it may be, also happened to be at a very jaunty angle and covered with rocks and stones. Not the small stones that you don’t notice, oh no, bloody great big boulders (or at least that’s how it felt!) and sharp ones at that! In fact, the ground was so rocky I was too worried to put up my sleeping mat for fear of it puncturing and so instead, at great discomfort, I slept directly on the ground, attempting in vain to manipulate my spine around the largest rocky offenders and get some resemblence of a good nights sleep. As you would suspect it failed and I slept poorly indeed. Oh well, you win some and you loose some… but thanks a bunch Zach!

Having been a bit quiet on the camera front over the previous few days, the next morning I was determined to make up for it. As such, please accept the following photo diary as my account of the next day, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words (I’ve also just had 2 glasses of red wine and can’t really be bothered to write it all up!):

Mac Observatory to Safford-79

Bye bye New Mexico… I’m in Arizona!

Mac Observatory to Safford-82

Up over the pass to one of the most stunning views of the trip… honestly, it was incredible!

Mac Observatory to Safford-83

Just in case you weren’t convinced by the first photo… it really was stunning!

Mac Observatory to Safford-84

The pass also preceded one of the BEST downhills of the entire trip. Yes it was fast, yes it was fun, yes it was bendy and yes… I whooped out loud!

Mac Observatory to Safford-85

I also wheeyed and heyed and squealed! I made quite the racket in fact!

I’m sure the little blue bike loved it as well – she purred round the bends – but amazing views and high speeds are not always the safest of combinations as we nearly found out towards the bottom of the hill. If the LBB could talk I imagine our conversation would have gone something like this:

Tori: Whoooooo, this is awesome!
LBB: It sure is, but just a heads up, watch out for that cattle guard…
Tori: Whoooooo, this is so fun!
LBB: Yep, I get it, but really, watch out for that cattle guard…
Tori: Wow, the scenery is stunning, this is so amazing!
LBB: Yep, ok, still got it but trust me, watch out for that cattle guard
Tori: Do you think we can go faster…?!
LBB: Perhaps if there wasn’t that cattle guard.

Mac Observatory to Safford-86

The view looking back up the pass. Quite something huh… just watch out for the cattle guard.

Mac Observatory to Safford-87

The view down the valley… we had a lot of downhill!

Mac Observatory to Safford-88

Stopping for a chat with Gary who has crossed the country on a bicycle 3 times, sailed round the world and through hiked some of the countries best trails. Dude.

Mac Observatory to Safford-89

Our first supply stop since the Last Chance store… the metropolis that is 3way… this is it…

Mac Observatory to Safford-91

Back up the other side of the valley after the best downhill on the planet. It may be uphill but at least it has a nice big hard shoulder.

Mac Observatory to Safford-90

After 10 miles of brutal uphill we then got to enjoy yet another cruise down to the valley below this time however combined with a massive headwind… I suppose it’s better than an uphill with a headwind.

Mac Observatory to Safford-92

The longest section of straight road thus far… over 20 miles with no bends. Kind of cool but boring after a few miles!

By this point the boys were way ahead and I was getting more and more distracted by the pretty flowers and desert plants. Taking lots of photos also gave me a good excuse to take a break from the relentless wind!

Mac Observatory to Safford-93

Ahh pretty… collective ahh please!

Mac Observatory to Safford-94

One of many cactus…

Mac Observatory to Safford-95

…another bloomin’ cactus! (Hohoho)

Mac Observatory to Safford-96

Best not to tread on these, or sit on them, or cycle over them… obviously

Mac Observatory to Safford-97

Some kind of pine bush… or something like that!

Mac Observatory to Safford-98

Scrub gradually turned to farmland as we reached the bottom of the valley 

After much faffing around taking photos of essentially the same thing (as per usual!) I eventually caught up with the boys as they were fixing, yep you’ve guessed it, a flat! Despite the beautiful day and downhill fun we were all tired from the afternoon’s headwind and were ready to find somewhere to sleep. As I pulled alongside Zach who had just re-inflated his tyre I felt my own go. We were so close and I couldn’t face unloading my entire bike to patch the tube so, I wobbled the last few miles into town. Once arrived I set about fixing my bike while Bryce set off to find a camping ground.

It was as I was bent over my front wheel with a pair of tweezers painstakingly removing approximately 3 million thorns from my tyre that Mons pulled up. ‘Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?” he called out through his car window. “Not yet?” I replied. “Well I’m the warm showers host in town” Mons cheerily said.. Amazing! What a stroke of luck! We biked the few miles to his house and spent a lovely, unexpected, evening with Mons and his family!

Mac Observatory to Safford-99

The Larson Family (some of) and the lovely Cueto boys. For one member of the Larson family Zach’s cookie was of upmost importance!

Although we didn’t know it at the time this was to be the boy’s and my last evening together. Whilst having breakfast the next morning slightly later than we should have been the boys had a last minute change of plan and decided to wait in town for their Dad who was driving over from Florida to meet them for their last weeks cycle.

It had always been known that Zach and Bryce were to head North from Phoenix with their Dad in order to visit the Grand Canyon and then head to the coast through Nevada but separating that day, there and then, was unexpected and it felt weird to suddenly be saying goodbye after 3 weeks together. I had to keep moving west and so with a quick hug and a wave I was off… and that was that!

With such an abrupt change I felt unsettled all day and it was an odd ride. I slept in a town park just down the road which was nice enough and I had lots of encounters with friendly people along the way but it took some time to adjust to being alone again and to realise that my time sharing the road with the boys was over. That might sound silly but it was amazing how quickly they became part of the furniture and for it all to have come to a close within the space of 5 minutes felt a bit anticlimactic.

Anyway, come to a close it did as all things must and off I went… back on the road, just me and my main gal.. my little blue bike…

6 thoughts on “Just the 5 litres of wine then…

  1. Hi gorgeous, just wanted to let you know I am loving your blogs. So excited for your adventures and terribly jealous! Lots of love and keep peddling xxx Maryanne (Hakuba)


    1. Hey Mare! Thank you very much! I’ll be in Hakuba before the end of the month so not long until we can catch up after a glass of wine (or two!)! Lots of love! xxx


  2. Hi Tori! I am so glad you made it across the SW deserts to Calif. It got really hot here in Az. after you left. Have a Great trip. Hope to see you on your victory lap! Maybe we’ll have the crummie roads fixed by then. Vic, the copper miner Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 04:32:49 +0000 To: powercitrus49@hotmail.com


  3. Hi Tori! I am Claudia, Fernando’s wife, from Madrid, Spain. Your mother told me about your great adventure. I am totally amazed! Good luck and enjoy this awesome experience.
    I am your follower from now.
    Lots of love,


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