Is that thunder…?

Vinnie, Tam and I parted ways in Penang and after a few days on the beach in Langkawi (it would be rude not to right!) I jumped on a ferry to Saturn in southern Thailand and hit the ground running… well hit the ground cycling. I had something of a schedule to keep as I had a very special visitor to meet in Bangkok at the start of November.

The 1000km up through southern Thailand was easy riding, mostly flat and at times with a glorious tail wind. I was able to avoid the main road for much of the route and I spent nearly every evening camping on the beach. Being the low season the usually packed resorts were empty and as a result I shared the coastline with fisherman only. Thailand really does have some fabulous beaches and although many stretches have inevitably been ruined by massive resorts with their bland, soulless hotels and often seedy bar strips I was relieved that the foreign crowd wasn’t too dominating.

Quiet it may have been but of course it was the low season for a reason, I’d had some bad weather in Malaysia but the rain was much more persistent in Thailand and soakings were frequent although I have to say also quite refreshing. On a cloudless day not only do you have the sun from above but also the heat radiating up from the tarmac and it can feel pretty brutal. Add hills into the equation and things start to get rough.

Despite my schedule I let myself have a few days break en route in an awesome little hostel in Aonang. I actually stayed a touch longer than I probably should have done as I met some really great people; well two great people to be exact, a writer and an artist, both of whom are doing some pretty awesome things. As seems to be my habit though I forgot to take any photos so being the thief that I am I’m nicking this one from Pietro (cheers dude!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 17.57.41

One day I’ll ween myself off of the photo peace sign… that’s what three years in Japan does to you


5 thoughts on “Is that thunder…?

  1. Was this your dad you were meeting. We were sitting beside him on the airplane from London to Bangkok last November? He told us about your cycling trip. How did he get on – did he keep up with you? Clare


    1. Hi Clare! Yes it was! Sorry for the late reply – I wanted to post today’s post before I published your comment!! That’s so cool that you met him and I should probably apologise for the “little blue bike” bombardment that you no doubt were subjected too!! He did really well and enjoyed it – I hope! I think he might join me again but perhaps closer to home next time, we’ll see. Thanks for the message! Tori 🙂


  2. Ahh Torijoy. . . Dont hate us tourists to much! After all, we are just going over there to throw a bunch of money around, take a lot of pictures,and hopefully leave with pleasant memories. I would keep an eye out for you when I’m over there, but I think you will be long gone. Have a great ride!


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