The monopoly deal champions league

Phew well that was some heavy sh*t wasn’t it… let’s get back to something a little more lighthearted shall we? Lazy beach days, drunken dancing, monopoly deal and temple sightseeing you say? Well sure, I’ll run with that as conveniently enough it is precisely what my holiday-from-my-biking-holiday consisted of. Actually that is a slight lie as post Sihanoukville Dad and I had a few more days cycling to complete before meeting Mum and Ami (again) in Siem Reap. After the “hardships” of our week cycling between Thailand’s posh hotels however the few days on Otres beach were just lovely. In fact, the whole trip with the Bushes (minus one) was lovely. We spent our evenings drinking beer and unsuccessfully trying to teach Mum the card game monopoly deal, a task made infinitely more complicated than it needed to be by her seeming inability to distinguish between similarly coloured properties. The low but scenic lighting was blamed for her unconventional property sets although the simple fix of turning up the lights was of course strictly forbidden. In fact, any attempts to do so were met with fierce hostility and neither Ami or I dared get too close to the dimmer switch. As it was, a set of two pinks and a red weren’t quite enough to see her top the monopoly deal champions league although we all agreed she should be awarded nothing but full marks for enthusiasm and effort.


We missed our little Alex despite the fact that her presence would have resulted in someone being lumped with the square-table-corner-seat and no one likes that… on the plus side though she has the ability to distinguish between pink and red

The cycle from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap was to be Dad’s final days on the bike (until I manage to convince him to join me somewhere else in the world of course) although I suspect he may have been just as happy to hop on a flight with Mum and Ami. He’d done so well especially seeing as his bike set up had left him with a nasty case of “numb fingers” an ailment that does in fact have an official name although I have no idea what it is. Essentially, prolonged compression of a nerve on ill fitting handlebars had resulted in a complete loss of feeling in two of the fingers of his left hand – something that actually ended up taking weeks to resolve itself. The final few days ride therefore weren’t totally comfortable for him although in my opinion that was a price well worth paying mostly because I was not the one paying it and the journey afforded me the opportunity to take this wonderful photo…

I think this photo sums up nearly every aspect of my Dad's personality

I feel like this picture sums up nearly every element of my Dad’s personality!

So onwards then… to Siem Reap and excitingly to the temples of Angkor. I feel something of an obligation to focus the rest of this post on the temple complex for one very simple reason – I took a ridiculous number of photos there. Should I not upload a couple of said photos they will no doubt be doomed to an existence on a soon-to-be-forgotten hard drive buried at the bottom of some draw and thus the entire process of taking them will have been rendered utterly pointless. Before that proposal leads you to hastily close your laptops though let me assure you I shan’t subject you to too many, mostly because the majority of them are the photographic equivalent of the Vengaboys’ discography; unworthy of existing anywhere other than on a soon to be forgotten hard drive at the bottom of some draw, but please indulge me in the following slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good work chaps! On that note I’ll leave you all in peace with one final word on the Angkor complex… yes it is touristy, yes it is expensive, yes it is commercialised but goodness me it is marvellous. If you find yourself in Cambodia then do yourself a favour and pay it a visit.


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