No place like home

Hey Folks!

So what’s the latest news you may wonder… did she make it? Did she give up? Is she still in Thailand with a Belgian in short shorts? Did she ever have a dry night’s sleep in that hammock?

Well… I’m happy to report that ultimately yes, the hammock was a success, our Belgian is now in Belgium (in jeans no less) and no I didn’t give up which means, excitingly, I’ve have now cycled my little bicycle around the world! Or more specifically, I’ve cycled my little bicycle for two and a half years over 30,000km through 33 countries.

This of course is old news to many of you as I was privileged enough to return to the best welcome home party imaginable! Not only was there the fabulous group cycle from Worthing pier up to Broadwater but then the sea of beautiful jolly faces outside my parents home. Cheering, banners, hugs, tears, more tears and then some more tears made for the most spine tingling homecoming I could ever have hoped for. For this I want to say a humungous thank you! To all of your fabulous people who came along to share such a special moment with me, I can honestly say, it will be a day I will never forget and that is purely down to you lot! Thank you so very very much 🙂

I also want to take a quick moment to thank my totally bonkers but wonderfully brilliant parents. After all, it was their kitchen table we were dancing on at 3am and their love and enthusiasm that is, seemingly, bottomless. Thanks Nessie and Bushy xxx

There is then one last thank you I need to say… for the last year or so while I have been away Dad has been organising a collection and has raised over £3,000 for me to donate to a chosen charity in the coming weeks! Firstly, let me just say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated their hard earned pennies. It was so very kind of you and is much appreciated. I have decided to split the money across two charities. I have yet to decide specifically which ones (I’ll update this when I have the names) but I wanted to let you all know that the first one will be focused on Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness. This is of course in memory of my lovely Auntie Jane who we so sadly lost many years ago now but who unknowingly bought my bicycle. I wondered many times along the way what she would have made of my trip and I think it’s safe to say she would have been cheering along at the top of her voice with the rest of you that Saturday morning. The second charity then I’m hoping you guys can help me with. I am looking for something local, Sussex based, that promotes cycling and the extension of local cycling infrastructure. Obviously I think getting around by bicycle is the best things since sliced bread and think that everyone should do it but in the UK I appreciate it’s not always that easy. Anyone who has cycled in Germany will tell you that we have a long way to go with improving the safety of our roads for those on two wheels. As such, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know!

So then, before I sign out, I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise when I say that this little bicycle ride has, unquestionably, been the best thing I’ve done… so far! I’ve not only learnt a huge amount about myself and what I can achieve but I’ve also been afforded the time to consider how I want to live from here on in, to decide on the kind of life I want to create for myself and more importantly the kind of person I want to be. I guess really it’s all come together, the stabilisers are off and I am filled with impatient excitement for everything else that is left to come. After all… if I can cycle across China I can do anything…


With love



7 thoughts on “No place like home

  1. Of course you completed your goal!
    Never doubted you Tori.
    When are you coming down under?
    Hot shower and cool pool awaits.
    An awesome achievement Tory.
    Xx Denise


  2. Welcome home 🎉you amazing little lady😎. Thank you so much for forwarding tales of your adventures plus the ultimate home-coming🌺I surrupticiously wiped a couple of escaping tears from my cheeks on reading your report, and take my hat off to you! Congratulations dear Tori & my very best wishes to you Judy & Hermann, Austria xxx


  3. Brilliant Tori, as ever!
    A little bit worried about what you might think of next.
    How about a little flat in Worthing and a job?!


  4. Hey, Worthing Tori! You made it then, that’s brilliant. We met in Bishkek, at Angie and Nathan’s. We two, also from Worthing (well, Durrington), were going to Australia. Still there, in fact. Any congratulations!


  5. You are one bloody fantastic young lady Tori Bush !! And may I add a huge shout out to your sensational mum and dad. To have their gorgeous daughter adventuring across some wild and exciting continents must have given them the heebie jeebies on occasion!! Love from us xxxx


  6. Congratulations Tori! Knew you could do it. If you could cycle across Arizona, you could make it anywhere! I am pleased to have met you.


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