An Interlude

For Peter Pan, who so effortlessly lit up a room.

It was after a very brief phone call, on the day that I was to meet up with Ami again, that my plans for the next month were suddenly changed. We had had some sad news from home and both Ami and I were to be heading back for a time.

It was a sad month and not one for this blog but I include this short post as an explanation of August’s absence.

I will add only two more things. Firstly that the month afforded me some time with my wonderful family and friends at a hour when another family were surpassing us all at demonstrating just how precious these relationships are. Secondly, If anyone remembers me asking you to do a good deed for another person a few months ago, scrap that, I have another much more important request. Call, text, email, fax (God help you if you still have a fax machine) or best of all walk up and tell your friends and family just how mindbogglingly marvellous they are and how very very much you love them.

Do this and I promise I won’t ask anything else of you… oh apart from one tinsy tiny thing… the next time you play crazy golf, please don’t lark around. As a mindbogglingly marvellous person once said “Just because it’s crazy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously”.

I’ll drink to that.

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