Updates are coming…

Dear readers,

Please accept my sincere apologies for appearing to have fallen off the face of the planet over the past 12 months. I can assure you that I am alive and well and as resolved as ever to cycle my little blue bicycle around the world, something that I’ve been doing quite a lot of since you heard from me last August. I thought that seeing as this blog is so far behind reality that I would employ my previous “catch up” technique of photo heavy posts. That will whizz us through the rest of Indonesia followed by Singapore, Malaysia, southern Thailand and Cambodia before rejoining the present day back in Thailand, where I am now.

As before, I have a post from Indonesia that I had already written so I’ll upload that just because it seems a shame not too. To set the scene, this is from last September when I flew back to Bali after spending some time in the UK post “An Interlude”…

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