6 thoughts on “A message from the curious crocodiles

  1. Awh Sally Clare you’re the cutest!!! Tori I am loving all of the blog entries, I get all excited when a new email pops through – you’re having such an adventure!!


  2. Hi Tori,
    Thank you for watching our video message to you, we hope you enjoyed it and it cheered you up and encouraged you to keep going. We have a question; When will you come to Dubai? We would like you to visit our school!
    Hope you are safe and having a nice trip.

    From the Curious Crocodiles


  3. Oh my goodness! Due to ery haphazard email connection over the last few weeks, I have only just been able to watch this video message from the Curious Crocodiles – of COURSE it brought me to tears – what a lovely idea Sally – how supportive. It was just lovely! xxx


  4. Tori!
    Dubai? That’s right after Texas, correct? We have a cyclist visiting just now…on his way west too…why do we mention it? He’s a Brit, just off three years of teaching English in Japan… He’s a fast rider, and may catch up to you. Ken Cruickshank, from a tiny village near Oxford. You can look him up on Wmshwrs.
    We are hoping you are completely healed and having the time of your life in Austin!
    Zef and 00na way back in Florida


  5. Hi Tori
    It’s ABH, I have recently been shown how to read a blog! I thought all there was to see were photos!
    Wow, when I realized what else there was, it took 3 hours for me to sit and get caught up. What an adventure you are having.
    I now have your postings come to my phone, I am getting very techy in my old age.
    Be safe and can’t wait for your next posting.


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